Ebook Formatting Services

Ebook formatting takes practice. And just when you’ve spent hours learning to—slowly and painstakingly—format your book for Kindle, a reader asks when you’re going to offer the .epub format. It doesn’t take long to realize just how little you know and how time-consuming it is to do yourself.

Instead, leave it to us!

What Do you Get?

We offer formatting for .mobi (Kindle), .epub, and a format guaranteed to pass Smashwords inspection, including a linked Table of Contents, which is a must for all ebooks.

We currently don’t offer print formatting, such as for CreateSpace, or other POD service. Ebook formatting is flowable formatting only.  No fixed format ebooks (e.g. picture books). No indices, footnotes, tables, or other complex images or formatting. 


Novels, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs/biographies (in novel style - no images): We base our fees on word count, so shorter books are more affordable! You have your choice of any one, two, or three formats.

Word Count ... 1 Format || 2 Formats || 3 Formats

<50k ... $45 || $55 || $65

50k to 100k ... $55|| $65 || $75

100k to 200k ... $75 || $85 || $95

200k+ ... TBD || TBD || TBD

If you only want one or two formats to start with, then later decide you want the others, we'll just charge the difference.  If additional complex formatting, proofing, etc., is required, an estimate will be given and charged at $50/hr.

Nonfiction (with images and links):  Ebook formatting prices as above, plus $25 for the first 5 images (already in proper size/format – see below) and $2 for each additional image.  Up to 30 links included in formatting.  Additional link formatting available at $10 per 30 links.  If complex formatting, proofing, etc., is required, an estimate will be given and charged at $50/hr.

Images:  Must be less than 5 MB in size each, in png or jpeg format, with dimensions no larger than 2820 pixels in width and 4500 pixels in height. Image quality should be at least 300 ppi/dpi. If you wish us to format and resize images for you, the fee is an additional $2 per image resizing.  NOTE: Quality cannot be increased and must be 300 ppi/dpi or higher in the original file.


We will typically return your files within 1 week (for basic formatting) depending on number of formats required and the condition of manuscript.  Turn-around time for formatting that includes images or more complex formatting is to be determined. Times are subject to availability and scheduling, of course. We will notify you about delays upon scheduling your services.

What we need from you

Formatting requires a Microsoft Word .doc file or .rtf document. Please include the following:

  • Book title
  • Copyright statement
  • High-resolution .jpg cover
  • Manuscript
  • Any other desired pages, like About The Author, Dedication / Acknowledgements, Other Books list, etc.

Please note that we do text formatting only (no imbedded images, tables, etc.). Author and other book pages may contain links to social media, web site, etc., within the restrictions of websites (e.g. Smashwords does not allow links to Amazon).


All transactions will be done via our Paypal account. We require full payment up front for all projects $100 or under.  For projects estimated at $100 or more, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required prior to beginning work, with the remainder due at time of completion.

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