About Us

McKelden Creative is comprised of a Mother-Daughter Superhero Duo. Whether you’re a business or individual, an author or entrepreneur, need a big project or small, we’ve got you covered. 


From cover to copy, promotional materials to formatting, we’re here to help you make your dream come true. We can get you ready to present yourself to your A-list agents or to publish your backlist.

WHAT CAN WE OFFER businesses and individuals?

Need marketing materials? We're experienced in all types of print design... business cards, brochures and flyers, web graphics, and much more. We’ll get you ready to impress your customers in no time!

About Jessica: Design + Copy Editing

By day, Jessica McKelden Cave is a print production specialist at Parkland Quickprint, a small offset and digital printing company in Tacoma, WA. She is also a full-time student at American Public University, where she is working toward earning her Bachelor's degree in Psychology. When she manages to snag a little free time, she's usually somewhere on the Internet, cuddling with her pit bulls, or buying something she probably shouldn’t from Amazon. She drinks an obscene amount of coffee and tea on a daily basis. She swears too much, has a minor obsession with tattoos, and collects ampersands. Correct grammar usage makes her happier than she'll ever admit.

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ABOUT Shannon: Copy Editing + ebook formatting

By day, Shannon McKelden Cave manages medical language specialists at a large medical transcription company, helping ensure accurate healthcare documents. But her first love will always be reading and writing. She’s a published novelist, has written everything from True Confessions to parenting articles, and is the creator of The Happy Writer book series. She’s infatuated with Starbucks; obsessed with collecting recipes she’ll probably never make; and hugely supportive of pet rescue, having taken in three dogs and four cats... which often makes her feel like she’s running a zoo. With copy editing and ebook formatting, Shannon hopes to help make other writers’ dreams come true, too.


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